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Welcome to PreCollege Solutions

Making the dream of a college degree~ Attainable

We are a College Readiness Consulting Company serving as a Guide and Support System for Families and Youth-Focused Organizations during the College Admission Process. 

Our expertise in the college admission process, scholarship process, financial aid process, and other experiences spans nearly ten years.

Contact us for free 20-minute consultation HERE! 

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We are proud to announce our

Class of 2022 Summer College Prep Bootcamp

Early Registration Opens April 1, 2021

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College Made Easy Checklist

PreCollege Solutions presents College Made Easy Checklist. The College Made Easy Checklists are for our parents, guardians, youth professions, and high school students who prefer written checklists as a guideline to help their teen be college-ready, regardless of the grade level. This checklist also includes a consultant with PreCollege Solutions to determine areas of focus for teens. This copywritten checklist is only in printed form and will be shipped to you. 

College Made Easy Checklist

PreCollege Solutions Scholarship Fund

At PreCollege Solutions, we receive numerous inquiries from parents, high school students, and college students who would love our monthly scholarship subscription plan, customized college scholarship list, advising consultation, essay writing/ revising, college prep workshops, or scholarship application assistance, but cannot afford our services. Here's a way for you to help!

Donate to our PreCollege Solutions Scholarship Fund!

All donations will be used to sponsor a high school or college student with our services. 

Donate to our PreCollege Solutions Scholarship Fund

6 Ways to Pay for Graduate School without Student Loans

Podcast Guest: PreCollege Solutions Owner, Shymika Stephenson-Davison