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Welcome to PreCollege Solutions

Making the dream of a college degree~ Attainable

We are a College Readiness Consulting Company promoting Academic Excellence and Success. We serve as a Guide and Support System for Families, Youth-Focused Organizations, and Tutoring Companies during the College Admission Process. 

Our expertise in the college admission process, scholarship process, financial aid process, and youth development spans nearly twelve years.

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Scholarship Subscription Plan 

(Black Friday Sale)

Back by Popular Demand

Families of High School Seniors can receive a bi-weekly customized scholarship list (minimum 10 per list). This alleviates the time and stress of searching for scholarships and obtaining promotional and scholarship scams.

The monthly scholarship starts in November and ends in April.  

Scholarship Subscription Plan One-Time Fee

College Ready Parent Bundle

(Black Friday Sale)

To be honest, parents of high school students have to know just as much as their teens when it comes to college and scholarship applications. Take advantage of our College Ready Parent Bundle and stay ahead of game! Our bundle includes:

-1 hour College Application Live Presentation

-Scholarship Application Prep Live Presentation

-Bi-Monthly Scholarship Subscription

-48/5 Advisement/Assistance

College Ready Parent Bundle

College Made Easy Checklist

(Black Friday Sale)

PreCollege Solutions presents College Made Easy Checklist. The College Made Easy Checklist are for our parents, guardians, youth professions, and high school students who prefer written checklist to be college ready, regardless of the grade level. This copywritten checklist is in written and digital forms. Written checklist will be mailed. 

College Made Easy Checklist

SAT/ACT Day of Exam Kit 

PreCollege Solutions presents SAT/ACT Test Prep Kit. This 5x7 canvas bag is filled with essentials for you to survive an SAT/ACT Test Day. The bag includes hard candy (stimulate the brain), fruit snacks (hunger), I survived the SAT/ACT sticker, Important dates for high school seniors, a practice test, (2) pencils, and a note of encouragement.  We will also send you a reminder text message the day before the test. 

After the test is over, you can transform the bag into a technology bag to store phones and portable chargers. 

 *Must purchase seven days prior to SAT/ACT Test Date.

The cost is $10.00

Purchase HERE

Our Team

We love customizing services to tailor your needs!

S.L. Stephenson-Davison

Lead Consultant

Over twelve years of experience working with high school students  in the area of 

  • college admissions and acceptance 
  • financial aid
  • scholarships
  • college research
  • student-athletes
  • summer internships
  • precollege readiness workshops 

100% of students received federal aid for household income under $100,000

98% of students accepted into post secondary enrollment

65% of student received scholarships

We consult/contract with youth-focused organizations and tutoring companies!