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Our services are customized to your needs. Below is an array of our services, which can be purchased for individual or packaged. For more detailed information about services and pricing, contact our customer service at (817) 952-9231 or

Services/Products & Prices

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"You Can Go To College For FREE" Book


Have you ever wanted to know how teens can go to college for FREE?

This is the perfect book for you. Topics range from what our youth

should be doing before high school to best practices in being academic successful in college. This collaborative book comes from a group of

college prep experts including me! 

College Prep Activities.Easy, Fun, & Interactive (1).png

College Prep Activities Ebook


As a precollege advisor for thirteen years, I’ve learned how to make college prep easier to understand and fun. I decided to create this

ebook to help parents, guardians, youth professionals and others engage with youth and adults in the college prep space,

“because you don’t know what you don’t know”.

Yet if you make it fun, it has the possibility to be impactful.


How does this work?

We have 9 activities that last from 10-20 minutes.

Pick your activity.

Prep for the activity.

read instructions.


Have fun!

College Made Easy Checklist Cover22.png

College Made Easy Checklist

PreCollege Solutions presents College Made Easy Checklist. The College Made Easy Checklist are for our parents, guardians, youth professions, and high school students who prefer written checklist to be college ready, regardless of the grade level. This copywritten checklist is ony in written form and will be mailed. 

Scholarship Subscription

Scholarship List

Scholarship Subscription Plan 


Back by Popular Demand

Families of High School Seniors & College Students can receive a bi-weekly customized scholarship list (minimum 10 per list). This alleviates the time and stress of searching for scholarships and obtaining promotional and scholarship scams.

The monthly scholarship starts in October and ends in April.  

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Educational hoodie

scholar wear

Scholar Hoodie

New Product

The grey hoodie is short sleeved and 100% polyester. Perfect for teens who are not afraid to let everyone know they are SMART!  **LIMITED SUPPLY**

New Service

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