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Four Questions NOT to Ask Teens This Holiday Season

Christmas is only a few days away. As we gather, you will see your favorite teenage glued to their device. It may feel odd, but this is the perfect time to engage them in conversation.

Let me prerequisite this conversation by saying: this conversation is only for individuals who plan to get to know their favorite teenager in their life. The key is to be authenic and not to react harshly to their responses.

Here are four questions NOT to ask them.

1)How is school going?

2) How are your grades?

3) What are your plans after high school?

4) Do you have a little boyfriend/girlfriend?

These questions have become second nature for them to answer because everyone ask them these same questions. I would be shocked if they took their eyes off their phone to respond. 

Here are four questions to engage them in conversation.

1) What was the last show you binged watched? (Insert the last show you binged watched)

2) What was the last college you toured? Well, name me three colleges you would like to tour.

3) How were finals this semester? Which one was the hardest? Why do you think it was so hard?

4) What is your favorite extracurricular or thing you do for fun?

These questions are interludes to more questions and more engagement. You have to build up to the "DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS" to get an authentic answer. Be open to answer their questions, honestly. 

If your favorite teen is having problem with preparing for college or searching for their perfect career, feel free to reach out to us. The holiday break is the perfect time a FREE 20-minute consultation Schedule HERE! or follow us on Instagram or Tik Tok @PreCollegeSolutions.

I hope this helps! 

Happy Holidays from PreCollege Solutions

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