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Generation Z does not know Black History

During Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day, I polled some teens from a high school, which we provide college prep services. I randomly asked a couple of our teens trivia questions about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Such as

  1. Where was he from?

  2. What's his wife name?

  3. What was his official career titles?

  4. What is one of his famous quotes?

The teens did not know anything. They did even try to google. The following week, we create two handouts "Analyzing Dr. King's Famous Quotes and Dr. MLK Jr. Trivia and we implemented it. It was eye opening for them. We created another handout in honor of Black History Month titled "African American First", which highlights the first black person to overcome adversity and break barriers in a particular career field. (available digitally at

We are aware of the attacks of removing cultural curriculum from public education. An African-American owner of an education consulting company, I would feel remorse not to enlighten the next generation of the impact of black history in our county.

Follow us this month, as we will be blogging, posting, and sharing about black history in conjunction with college prep.

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