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Three Crazy but Good Things about the "NEW" FAFSA

1. This is a new application. Therefore, the likeliness of confusion will be high. For accurate information, visit FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid

2. FAFSA Opens on December 31st, which is during a holiday break for high school and college students. This will stress out students who believe the FAFSA has to be completed on December 31st. If you are confident in completing the FAFSA independently, that is great, but we recommend waiting for school officials or skilled professionals.

3. Don't be alarmed if the FAFSA website is shut down due to multiple students completing the FAFSA at the same time. This is not a race, the FAFSA can be completed a few days after the release date.   

We are releasing a new FAFSA handout/activity titled "Financial Aid Terminology" on December 4, 2023. We have learned that most students do not understand the fafsa and make huge financial decisions based on their lack of understanding the financial aid process. We created an activity for high school and college students to understand the financial aid process.  Email us for more information

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