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Three Mistakes High School Seniors Make After Applying to College

After anxiety of applying for college has left and now high school seniors are awaiting admission decisions or financial aid award letters. About 70% of high school seniors make these mistakes during the waiting process.

1) Making their college decision too late

May 1st is College Decision Day, which means a high school senior makes their final decision on which college they will attend. If a college does not hear from you, they can take back any scholarships or grant funds they offered you. Another big issue with delayed college decision is that most students assume the housing option are guaranteed. Campus housing is first-come, first served. Some students are end up living wherever the university places them. We suggest by Spring Break, you make your college decision.

2) Not applying for scholarships early

Some students wait after they have applied for fafsa to start on scholarships. Which is already too late? Most scholarships that award $10,000 or more have fall and winter deadlines. Therefore, seniors are missing out on thousands of dollars in scholarship opportunities. At PreCollege Solutions, we offer scholarship text groups and scholarship subscription plans. Learn more here!

3) Don't prep for college transition

New student orientation is the introduction to college life, but that maybe only 10%. Most students are ready for the time management, budgeting, setting priorities, and much more with this newfound independence. We host a college transition workshop for our clients that include top seven laws all college students should know, meal prep, Greek life, campus resources, budgeting, and mental health. It is crucial to know this information before starting college. Want us to host a college transition workshop. Contact us at

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