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What's Next After Finishing College Applications?

To all of the Class of 2024 high school seniors congratulations on applying early for College, there is a bigger sigh of relief from parents who felt like they just applied to college too. The big question for seniors and families is what happens next?

Here is our short list of "What's Next".

  1. Take a mental break or celebrate.

Believe it or not. this a BIG deal especially for future first-generation college students.

We recommend taking 3-4 days of sleeping, playing video games, hanging out, or what

you do to rest. Don't forget to celebrate. Something as simple as telling yourself you are

proud of you. I saw a parent decorate her daughter's room with balloons and signage that celebrated her finishing her college applications.

2. Start applying for Scholarships.

The fall semester of senior year hosts several high dollar scholarships, which deadlines in November-January. High Dollar Scholarships are scholarships awarding $10,000 or more. Our new affordable service titled "Scholarship Text Group". For $20 flat fee, we text clients weekly scholarships and send scholarship application deadlines text messages. The service started in October and will conclude in April 2024. Click image to learn more.

3. Remember to apply for your FAFSA. This year, the FAFSA will open in December 2023 with a new application. Find a high school counselor or college advising coach to walk your family and you through the new FAFSA application.

4. Don't forget you are still in high school and have academic and attendance requirements you have to attain yet have FUN. This is your last of everything. Go to the basketball games, volunteer over the holiday break, hug on your family and take pictures with them.

5. Check your email 2-3 times per week. If there is an issue or question about your college application, you will receive an email. No one is texting you about missing college application information, that is not professional. If you receive an email notification from any universities you applied too, please respond. No one is going to wait months for you to respond to them, at best 1-2 weeks.

Just remember after the holidays, everything goes super fast so take care of business and try to have some fun. #collegeprep #collegeapplication #Classof2024 #raisingteens #collegeprepadvising #fafsa #teenmentalhealth #scholarships

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